Barcelona Weather

Barcelona is right on the Med which means that the weather is sunny and warm for much of the year. The temperature does drop in the winter- but even at this time of year you are likely to enjoy sunny, crisp days and you´ll be able to sit outside in the sun on warmer days.

7 day Weather Forecast For Barcelona Click HERE

It can get hot during the summer months of July and August, but Barcelona´s proximity to the sea means that you are never far from a beach. The flat stays cool throghout the year, but we do have a/c for those really hot temperature

When to Go

Barcelona is pretty lively most of the year, thanks to the low cost airlines and a healthy economy which brings the business travellers in.

As we have mentioned above, the weather is usually pleasant, the number of tourists not overbearing (there are always secret places to hideaway from the crowds- we´ll cover some of these in Barcelona Flats).

Spring and early summer are good times to go to the Catalan capital, but you won´t be disappointed at any other time of the year.

Mid summer (mid-July to late August) can get hot- most Catalans head off out of town and to the beach anyway at this time of year. (This is one of our personal favorite times of year to stay in the flat as there’s less people around- it’s quite "tranquilo".) September´s can be great, or you might get thunderstorms. For the highest chance of rain and thunderstorms, head out in October. Winter can be crisp and sunny- you might even find yourself on the beach on a balmy day (but you won´t find any locals there, they´ll all be in jumpers even if it is 22ºC!)

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