Barcelona is world famous for its night life and rightly so. Barcelona people love a party: any excuse will do, and there are alot of them, from La Merce, Barcelona’s annual fiesta in September (or more correctly festa in Catalan) to Sant Joan on the 24th June to the national day of Catalunya on the 11th September.

But the locals don’t really need a excuse to head out with friends- things don’t really get going in the bars until 11pm (the Catalans eat late at 9 or 10 and then head out), and you won’t find anyone with Sunday blues in Barcelona- they’ll all be out socialising with friends.

Having said that, if you want a quiet night out, you can find that too, but come prepared for at least one late night, or should we say early sunrise, during your visit.

Here we have listed out our take on the best Barcelona bars. New ones open up all the time, so let us know if you think we are missing a gem, and keep checking back for updates.



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