Buda Bar

The Buda Bar Barcelona (with the Catalan spelling rather than the Bhudda Bar), is on Pau Claris which is one of the main roads that run parallel to Passeig de Gracia in the Eixample district.

The doors open at 9pm to reveal a richly decorated interior (lots of buddhas about funnily enough!) with lots of comfortable sofas, swinging chairs and low tables dotted about. The Buda attracts a go getting crowd- this is a superb spot for people watching and you will see some money in here! The music kicks off with Chill Out and the tempo builds as the night goes on. Great cocktails, but don´t spend all night in here unless you have just won El Gordo.

There is also a restaurant with oak tables, velvet upholstery and oriental lamps throwing down moody lighting.

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C/Pau Claris 92
08010 Barcelona

Tel 93 4123 838
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