London Bar

London Bar on the Nou de la Rambla (pronounced "Now de la Rambla") is one of the oldest bars in Barcelona.

You’ll always find a good scene going on at The London, and it’s got one of the latest opening times in the whole city, so if you fancy carrying on late into the night you will probably find yourself here at some point.

Very close to the action on Plaza Reial (it’s just the opposite side of Las Ramblas), the London Bar often hosts live acts right down the end of its long (and suprisingly big) interior.

The bar at the front is all brass and mirrors, like an old London Boozer. A great place to finish off the evening- if you are here until 5 am, you will meet some characters (guaranteed!)

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Nou de la Rambla 34

Opening Days/Hours:
19:30- 5:00 everynight.

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