Pipa Club

Here’s an unusual bar for you in Plaza Reial, just off the Ramblas.

It’s known locally as the "secret bar".

You need to ring a bell on a big black door at street level. There are no signs or anything, you need to have a little local knowlegde- so if you can’t find it, ask someone in the square who look like they have been in town for a while.

When you ring the bell, a light goes on 2 stories up and you’ll be buzzed in. Go up the stairs and you’ll find yourself in a 6-room flat on the 2nd floor of Placa Reial. Once you are in, try and get a table by the window. You’ll have one of the best bar views in Barcelona over Plaza Reial. The crowd is mixed.

Open from 2000 until 0300.

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3 Plaza Reial

Take along a cigar or a pipe if you like. Pipa Club translates as "Pipe Club"

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