If you really want to get into the swing of things when you are staying, and live like a local, one of the first things you will need to know is where to get a decent coffee in the morning.

No self respecting Barcelona resident does anything in the morning until they have had their café amb llet and choccie croissant (or ham bread roll, or Napolitana, or omelette etc).

If you are staying in the Garden Flat, you are in luck! There are some top notch cafés within easy walking distance of the apartment.

Our latest favourite (recently opened) is Hänsel – Pa de Barcelona. This is on Provença 237. You turn right out of the flat, turn right again on Provença and it is at the end of the block.

This place gets the award for the best choccie croissants and cafés con leche. Eat in or take out, and you can see them making the bread behind a big glass screen as you munch your way through your (first) croissant.
A recent review in the guest book from one of our younger guests gives Hansel the award for having the "best chocolate croissants in the world". You can’t really say more than that.

Bopan on Rambla de Catalunya 119 is also good. It´s a bit further, but this place is great for lunchtime snacks as well- quiches, salads, rolls etc. We often grab a few bags from here for lunch if we are feeling lazy and don´t want the full blown Catalan lunch.

Forn de Pa ("Bread Oven" in Catalan) is a chain that you might see quite a bit of on your travels. These are good cafés too- there´s on on Rambla de Catalunya. Turn left out of the flat, left on to Mallorca and right on Rambla de Catalunya. It´s at the top of the block.

And if you are feeling really lazy, just head to our local on the corner of Balmes and Provença: Por Sant. The chocolate croissants aren´t in quite the same league as  Hänsel, but the coffee and ham rolls are great, and the staff are friendly- it´s a family run business.

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