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Cornelia & CoIf you head down to Plaza Catalunya from the flat (the walk down Rambla de Catalunya is good), you’ll hit Carrer Valencia after about 10-15 minutes.

Then you want to try Cornelia & Co for lunch, which is on C/ Valencia 225. We’ve only discovered this recently ( I don’t know how we missed it). It’s a mix between a high end delicatessan (with a special cheese room) and a restaurant. The restaurant is in the deli, and the deli is in the restaurant, if you like.

You can either do a “Barcelona Picnic” and choose lots of delicious stuff to take away, or you can sit down at one of the tables for a “menu” (set lunch), or order off the menu.
Cornelia & Co is a great place for lunch and it’s really good value. They are also open for breakfast and dinner (plus they do catering).

We had the Crema de bacaloa (cod soup- delicious) followed by Iberico pork (also good).
Just to warn you- you are unlikely to be able to leave without seeing something to buy on your way out! (Good design I guess, plus the stuff they sell looks so good).

Calle Valencia 225
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