[NOTE- we have just noticed that this restaurant has changed hands, and is now called Saffron. We haven’t had the chance to try it out under the new ownership. 

Literally 5 minutes away from the flat (out of the door, turn left down Balmes, turn right on Mallorca, turn left on Enric Granados) is Sucoa, a great little restaurant which spills out onto this quiet street.

The tapas is rustled up with high quality ingredients and presented beautifully. This is more of a foodie’s haunt than the more bustling Cerveseria Catalunya on Mallorca (also highly recommended). You’ll have a more leisurely meal at Sucoa with a glass of wine and you won’t be disappointed.

Friendly and helpful staff, a delicious menu and a great wine list. What more could you ask for? Plus, it’s just round the corner from the flat.

Excelllent seafood.

Enric Granados, 24
08007 – Barcelona
Tel: 934513844

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