You probably didn´t plan to go to Barcelona for the Japanese food, but since you are planning to go, you´d be daft not to go to Shibui. Shibui was the restaurant of choice for the Japanese team during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Taste the quality of the ingredients and you will understand why.

We went in the winter and had the Suki Yaki hot pot and lots of Sashimi which was delicious. Be prepared to melt your credit card- it´s not the cheapest restaurant in Barcelona. Is it value for money? Yes- definitely.

There are 2 levels in the restaurant: lthe upper level serves in the European style with tables and chairs. Plus there is a Sushi Bar. If your prefer to dine in a more traditional Japanese way, head for the lower level which is low tables and private rooms.

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 272
08036 Barcelona
Telephone. (+34) 933 219 004
Closed Sundays

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