Thai Lounge

The Thai lounge is on Calle València in between Balmes and Enric Granados which is about a five minute walk from The Garden Flat. You walk down off the street into a well designed and welcoming room full of Buddhas and Teak furniture.

It´s very good value. Often you find that Thai restaurants tone down the spice for Catalan tastes but at the Thai Lounge, (although you can request mild dishes) the food is pretty authentic. The green curries are very good here.

Another reason why we love the Thai Lounge is becuase they do a take-out service here. So on the occasions that we can´t get a baby-sitter or just fancy a night in, we go for a "posh nosh" take out. Order a beer with your food, and sip that while you read the papers as you wait for your food which normally takes about 10 minutes.

C/Vaéncia 205
08007 Barcelona
Tel: 93 454 90 32


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