Por Sant

Por Sant is a café / breakfast / lunch place (or "local" as they are known in these parts) which is the closest place to the flat. It’s right on the corner of Balmes & Provença- you just come out of the flat, turn right and its 15 metres away.  It seems to get lots of positive comments in out Guest Book.

We know this place really well, as John- the guy who revovated the flat for us, ate lunch here every day. And the cousin of the guy who serves behind the bar helped out at the flat too.

It’s a great place for your basics- they do a mean coffee, croissant and bocadillo dejamon here. The lunch "media menu" is pretty good too, and excellent value. The last time we went, we got 3 courses for less than €10.

They will do take out as well if you prefer to take your coffees and drink them in the garden.

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